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NEWS UPDATE!!! : As seen on Fox Business, Ameriglobe is the home of FUSION BULK BAGS, the first practical and safe non-sewn bulk bag. Click or the Logo or Image Above for More Information

AmeriGlobe is not a bulk bag broker that offers no support. We are the largest bulk bag manufacturer in the United States. Our combination of US production and managed overseas production gives you safe, competitive pricing, while we work with you to show huge freight cost and system based savings.

Our Solutions Specialists can review your entire packaging system from when the empty bulk bags reach your door to when they are emptied by your customers. We can review savings from labor, to marketing, to logistics. Our experts can help you give your company a shot in the arm with professional consulting, without risking anything more than your time.

AmeriGlobe’s unique bulk bag solutions can save you money by:

    • Reducing Your Freight Costs
    • Eliminating Your Needs for Pallets
    • Reducing Your Warehouse Costs
    • Reducing Your Handling Costs
    • Reducing Your Landfill Cost
    • Reducing Opportunities For Contamination

AmeriGlobe has developed a number of patented designs over the years, such as the Load 'n' Lock Top®, the 'Perma' Liner® and the MegaBase®, that offer our customers a way to reduce cost or improve stability and handling. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our customers with unique bulk bag solutions that meet or exceed their needs while lowering their bottom line.

The quality of our domestic bulk bags is ensured by a documented quality program, 3 UV testing machines, and more than 30 years of experience actually making bulk bags. By placing AmeriGlobe employees at our foreign vendors' plants, AmeriGlobe also ensures that a bulk bag manufactured by one of our foreign vendors has the same quality as our domestic bags. To see how we do this, CLICK HERE.

Most companies claim to offer better bulk bag prices. AmeriGlobe’s systematic approach lets us find ways to save you money beyond the price of the bulk bag. Call AmeriGlobe today at 1-866-264-5623 so we can show you substantial savings.

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